Affiliated Centers

Most of the topics in the clinical rotation courses which include hands on clinical and didactic training are covered at the participating hub and spoke clinics which include the Unio Specialty Care (hub), the Naval Medical Center (spoke), and Sharp Grossmont Hospital (spoke). These clinics offer state of the art radiation oncology treatment technologies and techniques including external beam radiotherapy/radiosurgery (with IMRT/VMAT, TomoTherapy, and CyberKnife, radioactive seed implant, high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy.

SDSU provides the following support for the residency program:

  • Program administration
  • Scholarly activities (e.g., Medical Physics Seminars, periodic resident evaluations, library and internet resources, etc.)
  • Diadactic training and resident updates – biweekly resident sessions
  • EclipseTM treatment planning stations for practicing treatment planning

The affiliated clinics provide the following support for the residency program:

  • Orientation to the clinic for the new residents (including HIPPA training)
  • Sufficient clinical training and experience in the topics outlined in the four clinical rotation syllabi
  • Supervision of the resident on their routine clinical duties and checking all of the QC work done by the resident, to ensure no mistakes have been made that may compromise the safety of others and/or patient care
  • Assignment of clinical projects to residents (e.g., acceptance testing and commissioning of new equipment or clinical research)
  • Resources needed for residents to perform clinical training
  • Clinical competency checklist and administration of periodic evaluations in conjunction with the Associate Program Director at SDSU
  • Space and equipment necessary for the resident to do their work.