Are IBD Drugs Safe During Pregnancy?

Extensive research, based on a large database analysis of findings, has found no suggestion that Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) during pregnancy or the use of IBD treatment methods during pregnancy can increase the possibility for congenital abnormalities in children.

IBD, which can be managed with medical therapy, usually affect woman who are ages 20-35 years old. The potential teratogenic effects of drugs are an important concern among women with IBD who are pregnant or considering pregnancy. A Teratogen is an agent within the body that can disturb the development of an embryo or fetus. It may cause a birth defect or halt the birth entirely.

In small studies of pregnant woman, the safety of commonly used drugs to treat IBD has been assessed. Throughout such research, there was no increase in numbers of congenital abnormalities in children. However, this research has not completely persuaded many people because they included a small number of participants.

In fact, medical guidelines do not encourage woman, who are pregnant or becoming pregnant, to stop taking their IBD drugs that keep the disease in remission. However, many women continue to be hesitant about taking these drugs while pregnant.

For more information about your IBD or taking medication during pregnancy, please contact your gastroenterologist.

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